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Airbrush! An American art form and a Florida tradition

Posted by tom yarnes on

Think about it, as long as you can remember, Airbrush has ALWAYS been a part of the Florida beach lifestyle. In the late 1800's, pressurized air and atomized paint transformed the art world forever giving an artist the ability to achieve blends and gradations like never before. There are four strokes to master in the airbrush world. The DOT, The LINE, the GRADATION and the coveted DAGGER STROKE. This is the most difficult technique to master, but once you do, you unlock the full potential in the creating process. This is exactly why I named this business, DAGGER CUSTOM APPAREL.  DCA will be airbrushing live on site at the TEEKI HUT in the famous TIMES SQUARE on beautiful FT. MYERS BEACH.  I hope I have the opportunity to paint for you!!!

custom airbrush by Tom Yarnes,  Dagger Custom Apparel

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