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#BlackLivesMatter #ImWithCurt

Posted by tom yarnes on

The color of someones skin is not a political talking point. Racism is the obvious and until now, whitewashed, side stepped inconvenience for white people and white business owners, while our black brothers and sisters continue to live and suffer the consequences of oppression and hate. Hate that has been glorified and justified neatly tucked behind the astroturf notion of the "Blue Brotherhood" of Law enforcement.  

Institutionalized racism has a deadly delivery system by way of law enforcement. The "see nothing: attitude" to protect the "blue Brotherhood"  is as much the problem as the individual committing a hate crime. Systemic racism has been so deeply embedded and perpetuated into the fabric our our nation, it has been shamefully easy to, at minimum, ignore the problem and at worst, blatantly proclaim and promote racism and white nationalist hate, indoctrinating it directly into the "code of the Blue Brotherhood".

The ever shifting political spectrum seems to toss the issue of institutional racism around, and kick the can down the road for the next administration to deal with. The current administration has done us all huge favor weather we want to believe it or not. He has given a false sense of security for the innocuous closet racist. It has also exposed the dangerous leaders of hate whom wholeheartedly endorses a person who "plays" the role of the most powerful person in the world, and whom, holds the keys to the most powerful office in the world.

This is a dangerous and deadly combination.  The tragic death of George Floyd was, in my humble opinion, a paradigm shift in the collective conscience of the average white person that has been hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar, day after decade after generation, after century. The phone camera has ripped the scab off the wound of our racist past and present. The blatant disregard of the will of the people, by the President of the United States has been all to painfully exploited by hate groups and sycophants that attach themselves to this emperor with no clothes. Politicians that have no regard for anyone and willing to sacrifice their political capital to work with him  are just like a silent cop standing by while his "blue brother" kills a black man. Institutionalized racism is built right into our presidential election process; The electoral college. This obvious linchpin is exclusive to our executive branch. Every other elected official  in our government in ALL of it's branches use the simple majority vote rules. 

This precious experiment in democracy is only an adolescent on the worlds stage yet as of 4 years ago, was the most powerful and respected nation in all of world history.. We have seen how quickly the liquefaction of our  foundation in democracy erodes when an "adolescent" racist plays  on the unfounded fears and ignorance of white people. The basic core of  human decency, basic truth and and compassion has been put to the litmus test. Our black brothers and sisters have suffered long enough. I am only one person, and my singular point of view is really useless. That is why I am so proud to see our nation standing in solidarity with our black brothers and sisters. I don't believe they ever intended to fight this alone. This in fact is the antithesis of what needs to be. We stand united as citizens, as business owners and Americans to make systemic change actually happen. The entire world is united like it has never been before in all of human history. #sayhisname #GeorgeFloyd 

The gravity of this moment will no longer just fade away. #Blacklivesmatter has reached a critical mass and the gravity has ignited a nuclear furnace that will expose the hate, hold racist and bigots accountable through peaceful protest and the constitutional right to protest and hold civil disobedience as a last resort for meaningful change. Caucasians or " white people" simply do not have the authority to decide when systemic racism has been vanquished in our society. It is a " white persons"  responsibility however, to own up to the horrible racist underbelly of the founding of this nation to ALL people of color and to do everything they can from this moment in time to actively take a stand against systemic racism and police brutality. 

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