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Brink of Speed You Tube Channel and Dagger Custom Apparel llc!!

Posted by tom yarnes on

I love cars... not gonna lie. The You Tube phenomenon has made it possible for car junkies like me to see what's out there in the car world. 

T shirts and merchandising are big business in the You tube world. I would like to thank Mike Brink of the Brink of Speed You Tube Channel for working with Dagger Custom Apparel LLC. We built a fully loaded Brink of Speed Gear E-commerce store, (with a duel clutch transmission .. heh jk..) so motor heads  can get some BRINK OF SPEED MERCH!!  

If you like Corvettes, and the upcoming 2020 C8 MID ENGINE CORVETTE!, subscribe to the Brink of Speed Channel. Mike really knows his stuff, and posts some great productions,. .go check them out and get some gear!! You can get to Mikes  you tube channel by clicking the picture of his bad to the bone "Blue Fury" corvette! Don't forget to subscribe and hit that bell!! 

Brink of Speed web store and merchandise

Go straight to the you tube channel here...BRINK OF SPEED YOU TUBE CHANNEL

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