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World Class Artist On the Rise!

Posted by tom yarnes on

I have lived in the largest cities in America. I was lucky enough to be submersed in the  entertainment and fashion industry. I gained a great understanding of how the next great artist is thrust into the world. Besides the rhetorical timing and positioning, Pure unadulterated talent must be there. 

Let me introduce you to the art and talent of Loki Anthony.

The moment you see a custom creation from Loki Anthony, you will instantly think big city. You will think world class artist.  Wearing the latest and most vibrant color and fabric to set the trend is the understatement.   When you purchase unique and exclusive hand painted  apparel of this caliber, you will marvel for hours staring at the exquisite beauty of your new artwork.  There will be an occasion to wear it  If you can't find one, you will make one!. 

Loki Designz is fresh on the world stage. He is big city. His vision transcends the clothes he sells.  Be a part of a revolution. When you wear a Loki swag, You are buying more than a silkscreen shirt. Love is Key. This is the revolution.  Loki Swag is the statement. This apparel is freedom of expression. May your wardrobe be filled with Loki!  

Loki Exclusives

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